Hydraulic Seals
Rod, piston, rotary, and flanged seals, guiding elements, wipers. Polyurethane O-Rings, frame seals, flat and accumulator diaphragms. For construction machines, industrial hydraulics, vehicle engineering and mining. Basic materials: All types of rubber, polyurethane, PTFE, fabric and metal reinforced elastomers and plastics.
Guiding Elements
SGuide rings and tapes prevent metallic contact between piston and cylinder with laterally acting force. Guide rings in thermoplastics, filled thermoplastics and duroplastic resins with fabric reinforcement. Guide tapes in PTFE with bronze or carbon additives, available by the meter or cut to required length.
PTFE Seals
Standard and special profiles in polon®.
Co-axial seals in modified PTFE with elastic pre-tensioning and guide elements for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders where operating conditions necessitate particularly low static and motional friction.
Rotary Seals
For sealing rotary transmissions in hydraulic plants that are subjected to pressure.
Five sealing systems for shafts up to 500 mm diameter.
The two-part RS seal set is suitable for pressures up to 500 bar and running speeds up to 0.5 m/s. The patented geometry of the sealing ring running surface ensures the lubricant film, improving frictional characteristics and wear resistance.
Flexiseals® Spring-assisted PTFE Seals
Lip seals in Polon with an integral special steel spring for pretensioning. For static, translatory and rotational applications in aggressive fluids at temperature from -50 to +225° C. For chemical, petrochemical industries and medical engineering and aerospace applications.
Special Profiles and Precision Moulded Parts
For static and dynamic use in fluidics and process engineering, automobile and apparatus engineering, chemical and medical engineering, mineral oil extraction and processing and the aerospace industry.
Pneumatic Seals
Rod, piston and valve seals.
Complete pistons, one-piece elastomer coated valve pistons. Rod seal/wiper sets. Cushioning rings, guiding elements and wipers. Sealing systems for  micro-pneumatics. Basic materials: NBR and polyurethane compounds, PTFE, FPM, elastomers with metal or plastic carrier components, developed for use in pneumatics. Seal lip geometry with lubricant-retention properties. Best sealing action with low friction.
Special Sealing Systems
Ultrathan seals for compensation of the axial gap in hydraulic pumps and motors. Ultrathan sealing sets for accumulator pistons.
Seals for automobile components:
clutches master and slave units, brake equipment, shock absorbers, pneumatic shock absorbers. automobile hood actuators, starters, catalytic cinverters etc.
Precision O-rings and Parbak® backup rings
O-rings in 1800 standard sizes standard sizes To national and international standards: DIN 3771, ISO 3601, AS 568A etc.
Manufactured in NBR, HNBR, FPM, FFKM, FVMQ, VMQ, EPDM, ACM, CR, IIR, ECO, PTFE and AU materials.
Approved for aerospace and military applications.
Parbak® backup rings into the sealing gap when under high pressure.
Special moulded parts
Precision moulded parts to customer's drawing.
In silicon rubbers and other elastomers. Close co-operation with the customer and computerised mould development, selection of the suitable material and determination of most cost effective manufacturing process. Production of moulds with close tolerances in our tool room. Fast supply of prototypes.
Parfluor® Seals
In perfluor rubber (FFKM).
Resistant to nearly all chemicals at temperature from -30°C to +310°C.
For the semiconductor industry:
Resistant to acids, no bath contamination with metallic ions.

Hifluor seals
From special fluor elastomers (FPM) suitable for use in aggressive acids and polar media at temperatures from -25 to +260° C.

Rubber-metal/plastic seals for static applications.
Available in all material combinations and surface treatments of metal parts:
in standard and special sizes.
Gask-O-Seals: For large series production in automobile industry and fluid engineering.
Fastener Seals. For sealing of screws and threads in automobile industry, fluid engineering and appratus manufacture.
JBL Precision Moulded Parts
Extruded solid and hollow profiles in optional lengths and range of different cross-sections. in hardness from 40 to 90 Shore A. Materials: NBR, HNBR, EPDM, FPM, VMQ, TPR, CR IIR and other elastomers. Production of large series with close tolerance. For fittings, condensors, automobile industry, electrical and medical engineering (production under clean room conditions).
O-ring Kits
Clearly arranged O-rings for repair, assembly and workshop.
5 standards kits with upto 500 rings in 37 sizes and various types of materials. In accordance with Standards:
- AS 568A  Standard Series
- DIN 3771/ISO 3601
- MS 33656/MS 16142
Moulded parts and seals.
Resistant to temperatures from -60 to +230° C. Good electrical insulation and excellent physiological properties. Resistant to ozone, ageing and weathering. Manufacture of complicated geometrical shapes to close tolerances. In clean room conditions.
For electronics, electrical, automobile industry & aerospace applications.
Assembly Greases and Lubricants
These facilitate the fitting of O-rings reduce friction and contribute to increasing the service life of O-Rings.
Parker O-Lube:
Mineral oil-based lubricant.
Parker Super-O-Lube:
Silicon-based lubricant.
Metallic Seals
Mesh Strip® seals with knitted wire mesh in monel or tinned plated copper clad steel wire and a completely metallic or elastomer core.
The Combo Strip® version has an additional sealing strip to provide better attachment and protection against moisture.
Conductive Adhesives and Pastes
Cho-Bond® conductive adhesives are available in two versioons. Firstly, in solid form as 2-component epoxy resin with pure silver or silver plated copper filling and, secondly, silicon filled with the latter material. Cho-Bond® pastes used for filling with joints. They are produced in epoxy resins, silicones and polyisobutenes in single or 2-component versions-with silver plated glass aluminium or other fillers.
Laminates and Tapes
Laminates produce conductive non-corroding surfaces in plastic housings. Available in strips or stamped shapes to suit customer requirements. The metallic foil layer (copper, aluminium, stainless steel etc.) seals and earths, whilst dielectric resistance is provided by plastic film.
Cho-Foil® is a screening foil with adhesive applied to one side.
Thermally Conductive Materials for Electronics
Cho-Therm®, Thermally conductive and electrically isolating materials for transmission of heat fromelectrical components to heat sinks.
T-Wings: Flexible heat conductors for tightly packed switching circuits. Manufactured from electrically insulated thin copper strips with silicone adhesive on one side. Thermattach: Thermally conductive adhesive tapes for the attachment of heat sinks, e.g. on microprocessors. Available in Insulating and non-insulating types.
Cable Screening
Cho-Sorb® ferrites serve for the reduction of interference associated with cables. They allow flow of the desired signals through the cable and switchgear and trap unwanted energies. Cho-Jac® are sheaths for protection of flat cables.
Conductive Coatings
Cho-Shield® coatings are an EMI screen for electronic components and consist of epoxy Resin, acrylates of urethane & also silver or nickle fillers.
Cho-Sheild® 2052 is a single component coating suitable for cost-effective metallization of plastic housing and component

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