Hydraulic Cylinders Series HMI and HMD
HMI-ISO 6020/2 standard,210 bar HMD-DIN 24 554 standard, 210 bar Bore sizes 25-200mm Tie rod cylinders for heavy duty applications.
Hydraulic Cylinders Special Cylinders
Paker's Cylinder Division designs and manufactures special cylinders to meet customers' unique requirements.
Hydraulic Cylinders Series 2H NFPA standard,210 bar Bore sizes 38.1-304.8mm Tie rod cylinders for heavy duty applications. HTR,LTR&PTR Series Rotary Actuators
HTR-210 BAR HYDRAULIC,max OUTPUT TORQUE 68000 Nm LTR-70 bar hydraulic,max output torque 2350 Nm PTR-18 bar pneumatic,max output torque 560 Nm.
Hydraulic Cylinders Series 3L and 3E
3L-NFPA standard ,70 bar 3L-Bore sizes 25.4-203.2mm 3E-CNOMO standard,80 bar 3E-Bore sizes 32-125mm Tie rod cylinders for medium duty applications.
Hydraulic cylindres with Electrical Feedback and Position Indicators Various types of electronic position &velocity feedbackdevices are offered for use with proportional and servo valves. Electrical and mechanical position indicators signal when end of stock is reached.
Pneumatic Cylinders Series 2A NFPA standard,18 bar Bore sizes 25.4-355.6mm Tie rod cylinders with steel tube for heavy duty air applications. Safety Rod Locking Devices
Fail-safe locking device clamps piston rod if pressure is lost. For tie rod cylinders,bore sizes 32-160mmm. Load holding capacity 5-100 kN.
Hydraulic Cylinders Series MMA ISO 6022 standard,250 bar DIN 24 333 Standard,250 bar Bore sizes 50-320mm 'Roundline' cylinders for heavy- duty applications. Piston Accumulators
Working presssures upto 210 and 350 bar.Capacities upto 190 liters. Certification to alll major standards. Piston accumulators improve efficiency by stablising and supplementing pump delivery.
Hydraulic Cylinders Series MMB ISO 6020/1 Standard,160 bar Bore sizes 40-332MM 'Roundline' cylinders for heavy duty applications. Bladder Accumulators
Working pressure upto 420 bar. Capacities upto 50 liters. Certification to all major standards. Bladder accumulators improve efficiency by stablising and supplementing pump delivery.
Directional control vavles for constant flow system
Series HV07,F130CF,H170CF. 1-12 sections. Flow from 20 to 170 I/min,pressures upto 320 bar. Hand and remote operated spools available.Integrated valve functions.
Hydraulic Cylindres
All types of cylinders are available in sizes upto max. diameter 200mm and stroke 2800mm. A large number ofoptional functions can be built into cylinders to give many variants of both standard and customized units.
Directional Control Valves for Constant Pressure System
Series HV07 AND F150CP.1 to 12 sections.Flow from 20 to 150I/min, pressures upto 320 bar. Hand and remote operated spools available.Integrated valve functions.
Truck Pump Series F1/F1 Plus/T1 Fixed pumps in sizes 20 to 110 cc/ rev. Twin Flow version available in 2 sizes. Very low weight. High self-priming speed. Easy to install. Same mounting face on all sizes. Easy to service.
Directional Control Valves for Load Sensing System
Series L90LS,K170LS/K220 LS, HV08,M400 LS.1 to 10 sections. Flow from 10 to 300 I/min per section,presssures upto 320 bar. Both for fixed and variable pumps. Hand and remote operated spools available. Integrated valve functions.
Load-Sensing Truck Pump Series VP1
For open loop systems. 2 sizes 45 and 75 cc/rev. Pressures upto 350 bar. Light and compact,easy to install. Self-priming. Same mounting face as F1/T1.
Hydraulic Remote Control Valves Series PCL4. A complete range of levers consisting of linear levers, 1 to 6 sections,joystick levers and foot pedals. Both straight and ergonomic handles are available. Fixed Pumps/Motors Series F11
5 to 250 cc/rev. Pressures upto 420 bar. Very high motor operating speeds. Accept high external shaft loads. Good resistance to vibrations and temperature shocks. Proven reliability. Easy to service.
Pneumatic remote control valves
Series VP04. A complete range of levers consisting of linear levers, 1 to 6 sections,joystick levers. Both straight and ergonomic handles are available.
Fixed Pumps/Motors Series F12
5 sies 30 TO 110 cc/rev. Pressures upto 480 bar. Very high motor operating speeds. High startind torque and overall efficiency. Small envelope size. Accessory valves available. Proven reliability. Easy to service.
Electro-Hydraulic Control System
Series EHC and IQAN. A complete range of products consisting of levers,amplifiers, master units and different types of service tools. Both analog and digital concepts are available.
Variable Motor Series V12
4 sizes 60 to 160 cc/rev. Displacement ratio 5:1. Pressures upto 480 bar. Very high power capability. High starting torque. Very high operating speeds. Low weight. Exceptional overall efficiency. Also available for track drives, series T12.
Directional Control Valves Series D
5 sizes from NG 32. Flow up to 2000 I/min,350 bar. Manifold mounting according to DIN,ISO,CEPTOP,NFPA. Electric,hydraulic,pneumatic and mechanical actuation.
LowWatt Directional Control Valves
Electrical connection to DIN 43650 or M12x1 and DESINA version. Especially suitable for Bus system due to a low-current input. Service friendly through leakage free coil change.
Proportional Valves Series DFH
5 sizes from NG 6 to NG 32. Flow upto 2000 I/min,350 bar. Manifold mounting according to DIN. ISO, CETOP,NFPA. Interfaces with integrated electronics. High response for closed loop application.
System Blocks
Customised system control manifolds. nominal sizes 10 to 100mm. Flow upto 10,000 I/min, 350 bar. Peak pressure 500 bar. Cast iron or steel block. Catridge or manifold mounted valves.
Digital Electronics For Valve Amlifier
Digital and reproduible input signals,ramps,parameters. Double PWM amplifiers. Resolution of signal and actual valve <= 0.05%. High safety,compliant with EMV specifications. RS 232 serial interface. For electrohydraulic axis regulators.
Sandwih Type Manapak Valves
4 sizes NG 6 to NG 25. Upto 350 bar. RM pressure relief valve. PRM pressure reduction valve, FM flow control valve, CM directly operated check valve, CPOM pilot- poerated check valve.
Pressure, Flow and Check Valves
4 sizes for NG 6 to NG 32. Flow upto 350 I/min,350 bar. Manifold mounting,mechanically adjustable, electrically dischargeable or proportionally adjustable through integrated or externl electronics.
Pressure Switches
Flange and threaded connection. Switching pressure range 3-40, 10-100,10-160,20-250 bar. Pressure capability 315 bar. Adjustment with hollow hex screw or scaled knob. AC/DC power supply. Optional locking knob.
Flow Control,Metering and Shut-Off Valves
Manatrol colorflow series. 9 sizes from 1/8" to 2" BSP. Flow upto 600 I/min,350 bar. Inline and manifold mounting.
Pressure Intensifiers
Mounting pattern NG 6. Check valves NG 6 and NG 10 with subplate mounting option. Maxi- mum pressure upto 500 bar. Transmission ratio 1:2 and 1:4. Continuous flow increase with minor pulsation effect.
Slip-in Cartridge Valves Series CE and C,2 Way
DIN 24342 8 sizes NG 16 to NG 100. Flow up to 10,000 I/min,350 bar. Modular construction system for pilot valves and cartridges. Also as safety valves with position control.
Threaded Cartridge Valves Series PTC
Directional, pressure,flow and shut-off valves. Housing optional. 5 sizes up to 250 I/min,210 bar. Solenoid or proportional actuation. Industrial and mobile applications.
High Performance Axial Piston Pumps
Series PV.4.11 sizes 16 to 270 cc/rev,350 bar. Speed max 2750 min-1. Single and multiple pumps. Wide range of control options. Low noise. For industrial and mobile applications.
Low Speed Hydraulic Motors- Gerotor System
Displacement 45.....960 cc/rev Torque .....1490 Nm Speed .....940min-1 Pressure .....280 bar Performance .....33kW Side loads ...30000 N
Medium Duty Axial Piston Pumps
Series PVP and PAVC. 6 sizes 16 to 140 cc/rev, 250 bar. Speed up to 3,000 min-1 Single and multiple pumps. Wide range of control options. Industrial and mobile applications.
Hydrostatic Steering units
Series HGF,HGA&HGB. Sizes 54 to 1967 cc/rev. Operating pressure upto 210 bar,used for off-highway vehicles.
Axial Piston Pumps
Series p2 and p3 wide range of control options. 4 sizes,60 to 145 cc/rev, 137 bar. Speed upto 3000 min-1.Low noise,modular design. Standard and Super charged version available. Single & multiple pumps.
High Speed - Hydraulic Motors Series M2/M4. Displacement 3-90 cc/rev. Speed upto 5000 rpm Pressure 200 bar
Gear Pumps & Motor Series -PGP&PGM
Cast iron & Aluminium design. 0.8 to 200 cc/rev,275 bar, speed up to 3500 min-1. Single & Tandem pumps for industrial & mobile applications.
Directional Control Valve
Open centre/closed centre Flow- 15-400 lpm Hand & remote operations available.
Compact Power Units
Flow-1-11 lpm AC& DC motors. Single direction or bi-directional Reservoir Size 1-20 litres
Power units to Customer Specifications
Complete systems with Capacity from 60 to 10,000 liters. Reservoirs to DIN specifications. Customised specials possible.
Servo Valves Series BD
  • 10 sizes from 1 GPM to 40 GPM
  • 210 bar,>50 Hz
  • reduced contaminant sensitivity
  • linear flow gain characteristics
  • explosion proof and intrinsically safe options available
  • high resolution
  • FM,CSA,ATEX certification

Series SE
  • 0.5 GPM to 60 GPM
  • UP TO 315 bar,>170Hz
  • Medium and high performance
  • Sapphire technology
  • Jewel feed back ball for durability

Mechanical Transmissions
  • Two-gear
  • Economical workshore
  • Cast iron housing and tapered cone bearing
  • Easy to interchange between transmissions
  • 489 series needs no adapter plate.
Allison Transmissions
  • Highest torque capacity of any PTO
  • Compact design
  • Three speed ratios
Ford Transmissions
  • 242/244 Series Super Duty transmissions
  • 243 Series for Mitsubishi
  • Controlled Compression interface Gasket eliminates setting gear

Heavy Duty Applications
  • The only 8-bolt power shift PTOs on the market today
  • 800 is compact in size;852 is used on automatic transmissions
  • Electric-over-hydraulic shifting and pressure lubrication
Power Shift
  • Standard housing(230,270) and low profile housing(231,271)
  • 230/231 electric-over-air shifting. 270/271 hydraulically operated
  • Optional pressure lubrication
Allison Transmissions
  • Hellical gears for quieter operation
  • Exclusive shimming gaskets
  • Simplified plumbing
  • Pressure lubrication standard
Allison Transmissions
  • Two-gear,constant mesh mechanical unit
  • Non-shiftable
  • Ideal for applications requiring continuous power whenever the engine is running
  • Five speed ratios
Automatic Transmissions
  • 236 fits virtually all currently produced transmissions
  • 250 features latest technology for including Controlled Compression Interface Gasket
High & Low Speed Applications
  • Two gear
  • High torque capacity
  • Three shift options
  • Dual pump output available
Axial Piston(Open and closed Loop) Variable Displacement P Series (Hydrostatic Transmission) Gold Cup
Controls available: -Spring centred rotary servo and null adjutment -Manual screw adjustment -Electrohydraulic stroker -Hydraulic stroker -Adjustable displacement stop -Brake and neutral by-pass -Torque limiter -Servo control with electronic feed back -Pressure compensator Displacement -98-501 cm3/rev Max Speed -1800-3000 rpm Max Pressure -300 -420 bar
Vane Pumps Fixed Displacement(Single) TB/T7B/T6C/T6D/T6E Series Displacement-5.8-269 cm3/rev Max Speed-2200-3600 rpm Max Pressure-190-320 bar Vane Pumps Fixed Displacement(Double) T6CC/T6DC/T6EC/T6ED Series Displacement-P1 5.8-269 CM3/rev -P2 5.8-269 cm3/rev Max speed -2200-3600rpm Max Pressure -P1 240-320 bar -P2 240-320 bar
Hybrid Double Pumps Variable & Fixed Displacement T6H Series This pump is a combination of a variable axial piston pump and fixed displacement vane pump is a common body Displacement -P1 0-61.9 cm3/rev -P2 5.8-158 cm3/rev Max Speed -2400-2600 rpm Max Pressure -P1 240-275 bar -P2 240-300 bar Vane Pumps Fixed Displacement(Triple) T6DCC/T6EDC/T67DBB/T67DCB Series Displacement-P1 47.6-269 cm3/rev -P2 5.8-190.5 cm3/rev -P3 5.8-100 cm3/rev Max Speed -2200-2500 rpm Max Pressure-P1 240 bar -P2 240-275 bar -P3 275-300 bar
Vane Motors Fixed Displacement M3B/M4C/M4D/M4E Series Displacement-11.7-222.0 cm3/rev Max Pressure-175-320 bar Max Torque-0.19-3.53 Nm/bar Max Speed-2500-6000 rpm

Radial Motors Fixed Displacement MR/MRE-MRT/MRTE Series Displacement-32-23034 cm3/rev Max Pressure-250-300 bar Max Torque-0.51-366.6 Nm/bar Max Speed-75-1400 rpm

Dual/Variable Displacement MRD/MRV Series Displacement-152/304 cm3/rev 2700/5401 cm3 rev Max Pressure-250-300 bar Max Torque -2.42-86.01 Nm/bar Max Speed-160-1000 rpm

Pressure Control Valves Relief/Unloader Sequence Reducer R4 and R5 Series Max Flow-90-600 L/min Max Pressure-210-420 bar Remote Control R1 E 02 Series Max Flow-3.8 L/min Max Pressure-350 bar Mounting by subplate,foot,panel or cartridge.
DIN Cartridge Relief Valve CVD and CVC Series Max Flow-300-600 L/min Max Pressure-350 bar Cover versions available: -with integrated pilot valve -vent option for mounting of 4D01 directional valve Cetop 3 -option for mounting of an electrically controlledproportional relief pilot valve(Vp01) -option for mounting an electrically controllled proportional relief pilot valve with feedback(R1EP01) High Pressure Filters Models 18/28/38P Max. working pressure 414 bar. G1.5",G3/4,G1,G11/4 threaded ports,flange face option. Available in two bowl lenghts. Microglasss III media(ßx=1000+). Spool type bypass valve. Visual or visual/electricl indicator.
Portable Filter Cart Parker filter carts are the ideal way to pre-filter and transfer fluids into reserviors or clean the existing systems Medium Pressure Filters Models 15P/30P Max. worring pressure 40 bar. 3/4"&1" maniold porting Availble in two bowl lenghts. Disposable inorganic fibre media 2,5,10 or 20µ absolute. Visual or visual/electrical indicator.
Portable Particular Counter CM20 Range Direct connection into a system allowing machine operators to take on-line dynamic fluid samples. Analysis range ISO 1 to 24(NASO to 12 inclusive). 6 channel particle measurement. 300 test memory. Medium Pressure Filters Series 1145 Max. working pressure 40 bar. G1,G11/4,G112 threaded ports and 11/2 SAE flange,210 bar option.Available in three bowl lenghts.Fibre glass element 3,5, 10 and 25µ .Absolute.Visual electronic or electrical indicator.
Oil Purification System PVS 180/600/1200 Removes dirt,water and air. Fully automatic operation. Compact and mobile. Filteration to 3µ absolute. Condensate holding tanks. Air or water cooled condensers. TankTop Filters FTA,FTB and FTC Series Max. working pressure 10 bar. Low weght,low installed height filter with surge responsive by pass valve features:optional dipstick,fill port and snap-in bowl adapter. Thread options 1/2",1" & 1.5" NPT(SAEoptions) Microglass III elements,15,10 or 20 µ Abs.(Beta 1000)
Guardian Portable System Filteration System Lightweight,handheld,compact. Elements from 3µ Abs. to 74µ. Flow rate upto 15 I/min. Viscosities upto 3400 cSt. Compact electrical motor pump combination. Reinforcement flexible hose assemblies. Multiflow Tank Mounted Filters Designed with integral visual indicator. Max. work pressure 8 bar. Flows uo to 600I/min. with extended ele-ments. Sizes with 10, 25 and 50µ Abs. disposable element options. G1/2,G3/4,G11/4 and 2 SAE size 4-Port options. Quick,easy and factory clean element change.
Filter Elements ParFit and Microglass III Interchangable with leading manufacturers' products. ISO standards. Competitively priced. High quality elements used as standrd such as 18P,28P and 38P. High efficiency with excep- tional contaminanat holding capacity. Spin-On Filters 12 PS,22 PS,32 PS and 42 PS Spin-on filters with 10 or 25µ Abs. elements for low pressure,in-line filteration. Max. pressure 10 bar. Designed for flow rates upto 350 I/min. Thread options G3/4,G11/4 & 11/2 BSPF & 11/2 SAE(42PS)
Hydraulic Resrvoir Accessories Consistent quality,technical inno- vation. IP65 certified Filler Breath- ers. 10 & 40µ metal filler breathers. Spin-on Air Breathers for airborne contamination removal. Diffuser and suction strainer ranges. 3 sizes of high visibility, fluid level temperature gauges

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