Fluid Connectors
EO-2 Fittings
EO-2 version is equipped with soft seal to prevent leakage. Suitable for applications involving high vibrations & pressure peaks.
Parker O-Lok O-Ring Face Seal Fittings (ORFS)
Soft seal fittings provide leakfree connections for high pressure hydraulic systems. Excellent where reliability, versatility and ease of assembly are important factors.
EO Progressive Ring Fittings
For use in high pressure industrial applications. Available in various sizes & configurations for utmost flexibility.
Triple-Lok JIC 37 Fittings
Triple-Lok is a universal 37 flared fitting for a medium pressure applications. Usable with metric or inch size tubes, or hoses.
EO-DUR Stainless Steel Fittings
EO-DUR fittings with specially coated nuts are ideally suited for use in chemical, process & offshore industries.
EO-New Generation Fittings
  • New high performance Tube Fittings.
  • Highest pressure ratings up to 800 bar.
  • Corrosion resistance-500 hrs. against white rust.
  • Chromium6 free surface treatment.
  • Reduction of  tightening torques upto 25%.
  • Easier and safer assembly.
  • Stronger materials.
  • New design.

EO Brass Fittings
EO brass fittings are available in different designs of EO standard range and approved for use in medium corrosion environments such as ship-building, central lubrication and plant construction.

Metru-Lok Medium Pressure Brass Tube Fittings
One-piece Metru-Lok is ready to use bite type fitting for use with copper or plastic tubing.

Prestolok 2 Push-in Fittings-Thermo plastic Body
Prestolok 2 is an instant fitting for plastic tubing.

Check Valves
Check valves for in line mounting or cartridge systems. Several unique features(double seat, no seal, guided poppet, oil retention groove in the poppet and poppet-guide cushion) that ensures years of trouble-free operations.

Brass Adaptors
Comprehensive range of adaptors for versatile connections.

2-way Ball Valves for Pneumatics and Low Pressure
2-way ball valves designed for pneumatic systems and other low pressure applications.

Presto-NTA Air Brake Fittings
Presto-NTA push-in brass instant fitting for use with polyamide airbrake tubing. Available in 2 types : reusable & permanent.
Tubes and Tube Bends
Seamless EO tubes and tube bends according to DIN 2391.Material: St 37.4 steel and 1.4571/1.4541 stainless steel.
EO Non-Return Valves
Non-return valves with sealing by using a 90° cone with a seal of synthetic material. Valve has a lift stop for safe free outlet.
EO Tube Clamps
series A: 6 to 55mm tube o.d.
series B: 6 to 42mm tube o.d.
series C: 8 to 220mm tube o.d.
polypropylene, Polyamide 6, aluminium.
EO Shut-off/High Pressure and 2-way Ball Valves
Shut-off and High Pressure Valves
Product range:
series L from 6 to 35 mm tube o.d., series S from 6 to 38 mm tube o.d.
Parker Push-Lok Hose
Parker Push-Lok hoses for low-pressure applications,- robots in the automotive industry, packaging machines, pneumatic tooling etc. Easy assembling without clamps. Also available in "free of any wetting disturbance solvents."
Polyflex/Parflex High Pressure Thermoplastic Hoses
Pressure range upto 70 MPa, with outstanding flexibility, low volumetric expansion, small bend radius, light weight. Single or multiple lines with crimped couplings.
Construction: Thermoplastic materials with reinforcement of fibre or steel wire braids or spirals.
Polyflex Products for Offshore Technologies
Single line hoses and hose umbilicals for On-and Off-shore applications. Long length, high temperature, light weight hoses for Subsea Controls.
Polyflex Thermoplastic Ultra High Pressure Hoses
Pressure range from 70 MPa to 400 MPa, low volumetric expansion.
Applications:Hydraulics tools, tension elements, test rigs, metal forming and off-shore. Crimped couplings of special steel with maximum operating safety.
Polyflex Ultra High Pressure Thermoplastic Hoses for Water Jetting Technology
For pressure upto 400 Mpa, low volumetric expansion, excellent impulse resistance. Application: High pressure cleaning, tube cleaning, concrete repair, sewer cleaning and repair, water jet cutting, crimped couplings in special steel of maximum operating safety.
Polyflex Thermoplastic Hoses for Surface Finishing
Low and high pressure applications, excellent chemical resistance against paints and solvents, electric conductivity throughout service life. Application: Paints Spraying, 2 Component equipment. Crimped couplings of free-cutting or stainless steel.
Polyflex / Parflex PTFE Hoses
With excellent resistance against aggressive media. Application: chemical industry, low and high pressure plants for expanded plastics, technical gases. Crimped couplings for assembly at your work shop according to Polyflex / Parkrimp assembly system.
Polyflex Products for Beverage and Domestic Applications
Beverage Industry: Single line food quality tubing made of(LDPE, PVC,PVDF, PA AND EVA), multi layered extruded tubing "Python" thermally insulated multicore bundles, thermoplastic "True Seal" fittings and associated products.
Parkrimp Multispiral No-skive Hose
Complete range of Multispiral from 4 SP/4SH, SAE 100R12 , R13 and R15. No skiving required. Parkrimp No-Skive=Connection with safety.
Quick Connect Couplings for Industrial & Process Industries
Couplings with ball or screw-locking mechanism available in broad range of materials and seal compunds. Used in hydraulic & fluid handling applications.
Parkrimp Compact No-Skive Hose
Compact hose with small bend radius & higher pressure ratings.
High Pressure Quick Couplings
High pressure well proven designs for ease of connection & leakfree performance.
Parkrimp No-Skive Compact hose 691
Twinhose for forklift trucks. High abrasion resistant-constant pressure values.
Diagnostic Couplings
Diagnostic couplings provide easily accessible test points for performance testing of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, enabling "early detection" high equipment efficiency and long life.
ParClean No-Skive. High Pressure Cleaning Hose 463/493
Pressure-washing applications. For use with water with constant temperatures upto 120 C. The black or blue cover is highly abrasion & chemical resistant. Extremely flexible, easy to handle.
Agricultural Hydraulic Couplings
Quick couplings and multi-coupler systems with ball locking mechanism designed for applications like hydraulic connection between implements and tractors, excavators, loaders, tools, jacks and other hydraulic systems.
Pneumatic Quick couplings
Meet ISO 6150-B, ISO 6150-C or European standards. Offers better flow characteristics on any type of pneumatic applications.
SensoControl Flow Transducers and Turbines
Flow measurement in hydraulic systems either as turbine, poppet type sensor with high dynamic resolution or gear counter for high precision measurements.
SCFT turbine:
4 measurement ranges, up to 600 l/min. high pressure-resistant up to 400 bar, integrated pressure and temperature measuring points.
SensoControl Test points and Adaptors
Broad range of EMA measuring points and adaptors in galvanized finish for rapid and simple adaption of sensors and measuring equipment to hydraulic systems. Plug and screw designs with various threads and seal forms are available. EMA measuring points can be connected under pressure.
SensoControl Temperature Sensors
Temperature sensors for fixed installation or mobile service.
SensoControl Pressure Sensors
Pressure sensors with piezo or thin film technology. Heavy-duty stainless steel design. Linearized output signals for measurement ranges up to 600 bar. Available as a combined design with pressure and temperature sensor.
SensoControl Hand-held measuring devices
Hand-held measuring devices for services and diagnostic on-site to record all system parameters. The devices are easy to operate and rugged. Connection to a printer and pc is possible.
SensoControl Measuring Systems
Complete diagnostic system for pressure, temperature, flow and rotation. Simple to operate; particularly suitable for on-site service use. Kit available with broad range of sensors and adaptors.
KarryKrimp 2 Crimping Machines
Portable hose assembly machine for fast and safe production of hose assemblies. The KarryKrimp 2 machines are simple to operate. No gauges to set. No special skills required.
Can crimp the following hoses:
-1+2 braids hoses from
DN 06 to DN 32 (size -4 to -16)
-3+4 layer hoses from
DN 06 to DN 25 (size -4 to -16)
-4SH+6 layer hoses in DN 20 and DN 25 (size -12 and -6)
Parker Hose Cutting Machine TH3-1
Designed to cut hydraulic hoses with textile fibre braid reinforcement and 1-6 steel wire layer reinforcement and 1-6 steel wire layer reinforcement upto SAE 100R15.
Adjustable Hose Press
TH 8-520-Basic Model with manual control.
TH 8-520.E-Machine with electronic control. This adjustable hose press can be used for crimping all Parker No-Skive hose types.
EO Tube Bending and Cutting Tools
  • Tube cutting tool AV 6/42.
  • Combined tube cutting and bending tool BAV 6/12.
  • Tube bending tool for tubes with o.d. from 6 to 25 mm.
  • Programming tube bending tool BVP 6/18 for exact repetition of bending operations.
 Special Hoses for Industrial Applications
  • Water Hose
  • Hot water & Steam Hoses
  • Air Hose
  • Gas & Welding Hoses
  • Oil & Fuel Hoses
  • Bewerage & Food Hoses
  • Acid & Chemical Hoses
  • Material Handling Hose
Hose for Sewer Cleaning Application
  • Type thermoplastic
  • Colors - orange / blue
  • Pressure - 2500 psi to 4000 psi
  • Braiding - elastomeric core tube, fiber braid reinenforcement and abrasion resistant urethane cover. All layers bonded.
    Size 1/2" to 11/4" ID
Hoses for Aircraft Refueling
  • Synthetic textile reinforced Hose confirming to API 1529 : 1998 Type C, Grade 2.
  • Max length - 40 mm
  • Temp - 40° C to 70° C
  • 20 bar
  • 80 bar Burst Pressure
  • From 25 mm ID to 100 mm ID
Standard Hydraulic Hoses
  • R1 & R2 - Braided Hose
    Confirming to DIN20022; 1SN and 2 SN Standards
    - Spiral Hose - 4SP/4SH/R12/R13 Confirming to DIN20023;
    SAE Standards.
  • High-tech Hydraulic Hose
    - Confirming to standards SAE 100 R15/R17/R16
    - Various types.
21 Series - Reinforced with one or two special braids of high tensile steel wire suitable for applications requiring high flexibility low weight, high abrasion resistance, small bend radius.
Specifications - SAE J517 (10017)
High-tech Hydraulic Hose
  • Duo Compact - Seamless Synthetic rubber oil resistant. Reinforced with two special braids of high resistant steel wire, this hose has very tight bend radius and is light weight.
  • Ranger - Seamless Synthetic rubber oil resistant.
28 Series - Reinforced with one two special braids or for spirals of high tensile steel wire suitable for application requiring high flexibility, low weight, high abrasion resistance, small bend radius.
35 Series - Reinforced with four or six spirals of high tensile steel wire. Suitable for hydraulics, flexible, high temperature resistance applications.
Specification- EN 856 R13 and SAE J517 (100R13)
High-tech Hydraulic hose
Trapper - Seamless Synthetic rubber oil resistant
-Reinforced with two special braids of high resistant steel wire suitable for minimum bend radius and where external dimensions and working pressures are required.
Specification : SAE J 517. (100R16)
High-tech Hydraulic Hose
R9/R - Series Seamless Synthetic rubber oil resistant
- Reinforced with four spirals of high tensile wire suitable for hydraulic applications where pulsating pressure and flexibility are required. Impulse cycles exceed 1,00,000 cycles when tested with ITR Couplings.
ITR Hydraulic hose
Power Washer Hose - seamless synthetic rubber resistant to high temperature & detergent fluids.
- Reinforced with one / two special braid of high resistant steel wire designed for professional/ semi-professional water cleaning applications and offering benefits such as high flexibility, low weight, high abrasion resistance. Small bend radius and excellent resistance to the most common detergent solution.


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