Climate & Industrial Controls
Mobile Air Conditioning Assemblies
Air conditioning hose, hose assemblies, and tube assemblies. Fittings and fitting assemblies
Solenoid Valves
Refrigeration solenoid valves. Industrial solenoid valves. Solenoid manifold valves for compressors.
System Protectors
Filter dryers, accumulators and receivers. Brass shut-off valves. Sight glass/moisture indicators. Mufflers. Replaceable core dryers. Water regulating valves. Automotive and commercial applications.
Expansion Valves
Thermostatic expansion valves, block valves, automatic expansion valves, and right angle valves. Constant pressure valves. Pulse width modulating valves. Ana-Loid electronic expansion valves
Spun Copper Components
Spun copper dryers, accumulators, mufflers, stainers, distributors, oil separators, and check valves.
Flow Controls
Flo-raters, nozzles, distributors, distributor assemblies, and service valves.
Gerotors and gerotor assemblies for automotive pumps, transmission, differential and transfer cases, refrigeration compressors, and industrial applications.
Sinclair Collins Valves
Process Control Valves for steam & nitrogen applications. High pressure steam valve. Size ranging from 1/4" to 3".
Heavy-Duty Refrigeration Valves, Ammonia Valves
Pressure regulators. Refrigerant float switches. Automatic flow regulators. Solenoid valves. Gas powered suction stop valves. Check vlaves. Safety relief valves. Hand valves. Service valves.

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