Global concept associating pneumatic, electrical and electronic technologies, to allow the connection of a valve island to a central control system by means of multiwire cable or serial bus. Asi, Interbus S, Profibus DP, DeviceNet, Fipio.
Modular Interface PS1E
Omega rail mounting, common electrics & pneumatics simplify setup of these mini valves. Pneumatic indicators, LEDs, manual overrides facilitate easy maintenance. Available in 3/2 & 4/2 version, monostable & bistable, instant Ø 4 & Ø 6 mm connections.
Pneumatic Logic
A  complete system that allows economic automation of simple machines. Poppet technology guarantees reliability whilst set-up is simplified by omega rail mounting, modular design, swivel connectors, instant connection and pressure test points.
Available in 3 sizes: G1/8, G1/4, G3/8. This complete valve system consists of 4/2 directional valves, 3/2 dump valves and 2/2 soft start valves. Used alone or in manifolds. Ceramic switching provides outstanding durability.
Proportional Valve
Low Hysteresis, Orifice 0.6, 12, 25mm, Pressure 0 to 22 bar, Analogue & Digital.
Rack-mounting Stepper Drives
Three power ranges, 100W-2KW. Torque range upto 35 Nm. Speed range upto 4000 steps/rev. Compatible with standard 19" Euro-racks. Rack-mount controllers available.
Direct-Drive Servo Systems
High-torque direct rotary positioning systems & drives. Continuous torques upto 350 Nm. Speed range upto 240 rpm. Resolutions upto 106 steps/rev. Step/direction or analogue input.
Stepper & Servo Systems
Stand alone & PC/AT Bus-based. Multiple stored programs in stand alone units. User-programmable I/O. Single & multi-axis versions.
Microstep Indexer-Drives
Resolutions upto 100,000 steps/rev. Torques upto 14 Nm, speeds upto 3000 rpm. State-of-the-art ZETA units feature active damping & electronic viscosity. RS232C indexer versions available with stored-program operation and extensive user I/O facilities.
Rotary, X-Y & Linear Tables
Rotary tables upto 90 kg payload. Linear tables upto 1500mm travel and 1000 kg payload. Speeds upto 5 m/sec. Leadscrew, ballscrew & belt drive systems. Closed & open frame X-Y tables.
Analogue-input Brushless Servos
Industry standard ±10V input. Velocity or torque mode options. Continuous torque upto 64 Nm. Speed range upto 11,000 rpm. Simplified set-up & tuning. Resolver & encoder feedback.
Handling Equipment
Actuators specially designed for vertical, rotational or telescopic operation. Stroke length upto 3m. Loads upto 100 kg. May be integrated with other parker products to create a packaged solution, e.g. gantry robot systems.
Fully Digital Servo Controllers
Compact motion controllers with all servo loops and power electronics in one package. Applications, firmware, e.g. cutting on the fly, cam control, electronic gearbox etrc. Communications options include RS 232, RS485. CAN, Interbus-S, Profit bus etc. Power range from 100W-20KW.

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